Please note that changes are coming to our garbage collection. Please be aware of the following changes that will go into effect immediately;

Garbage Bins
Within the coming weeks, each Somerset Creek unit will receive a garbage bin, free of charge, from Republic, our garbage collection service provider. Once these garbage bins are delivered, please do not use personal garbage bins. The new bins help automate the garbage collection system. You may have seen a few homes with these grey bins already around the complex.

Extra Garbage
Please note that extra garbage will not be picked up moving forward. Extra garbage is anything that doesn’t fit into your garbage can with the lid completely closed. There is also a weight limit of 55 lbs for garbage bins. If the HOA incurs any charges for overweight bins, the respective home owners will be responsible for these charges. If you have extra recycling, this must be marked as “Recycling”. If it is not marked, it will be considered trash and not picked up.

Links and Resources
If you have questions regarding the garbage collection here in Bellevue, note the following link which contains a FAQ for the residents of Bellevue. Republic Garbage FAQ